Edestus Bracketed Tournament 7/28/22 - 8/01/22



So what’s the hurry? Why making a “speculation thread” instead of waiting day or two and then create it when you’re sure? :roll_eyes:

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I mean @OstaposaurusBae created the Struthiomimus Tournament Thread a bit early so what’s wrong with that?

If it’s only a “speculation” - it really doesn’t add any value to the cummunity as it’s just one additional thread in already overwhelming pile of worthless threads (which only make you finding some valuable info much harder).
But to each their own… I just can’t find the purpose of such speculation threads as this way we could create 50 more threads - each with different speculation…

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Unless it’s fishing for a badge… Tournament threads have many replies.

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Bro I will update this thread once it 9:00 PM in my country so just wait okay?

When I made my post, I knew it was Struthiomimus. Nothing wrong with being early to the game, it’s the accuracy that matters most.

Personally I wouldn’t make a thread unless it’s unmistakeable that the tournament is correct, as I did cross referencing the news feed in-game with the list of speculative dinos.

Also the facebook image/link thing doesn’t show up for me.

On IG:

It is Edestus:


Notice the little dorsal fin spine before her dorsal fin. It’s a trait of some sharks, and in game the only tourney shark is Edestus.


Thanks for the image but it didn’t show because I was primarily using a computer when making this post and for some reason it does show for me but thanks for the image still.

Yeah the image doesn’t show for me on the first post either. Better to paste an image than to paste a link.

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Wow, eager to jump into the ocean with the shark… It’s cool. You can update the title later once we get confirmation.

I always save the image from Facebook onto my device first, and then upload it here. It works better than links. Enjoy the tournament.

I think you shared the FB post and not upload the image directly (what everyone else creating these threads do). Since I am not logged into my FB account it didn’t show up.

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Edestus is an obvious choice guys… We need to honor shark week properly​:partying_face::partying_face:. Just wish that people actually took more seriously such kind of events to start thinking more about nature​:disappointed:


Do we know of this is going to be another aquatic tourney? Sure hope not with aquatic events and an aquatic boss this weekend.

Will be with land/Jurassic creatures.

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Thank you Master Ken.

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Is this bracketed

Extra characters

Transition from Predator to Dominator