Edit: Diplodocus is out and about 🤣 / Hybrid pursuit issue... arambourgiania still at large

Hey guys, how long will it take to switch over from arambourgiania into diplodocus spawning for the hybrid pursuit week??


@J.C @John @Sara

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

Proof that arambourgiania is still roaming around, or maybe that one didn’t get the memo? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: she does seem to be trying to hide behing the mighty Apato :rofl:



Thursday, it’s always Thursday. People have brought up the same sort of issues before on Wednesdays, only for the staff here to see “we can confirm the event is active”, then all of a sudden, surprise, surprise, on Thursday they start appearing. So yeah you’ll see it on Thursday.

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Yeah ive seen those posts… just annoying how they steal a few days from the epics lol cause next week depending on what the next pursuit is, I bet the next dino will start spawning on monday soon as it resets :grimacing::roll_eyes::joy:

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Hey there, @Pedrovisk, the switch has already been made!

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Prime example of what I said in my post. @Pedrovisk please do update us on when you see the change happen on your end.

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@John thanks for replying :sweat_smile:
@GPx will do! :rofl:

No diplodocus but ankylo… hatz still everywhere too

Hatz is a Monday spawn, it has nothing to do with Hybrid Pursuit.

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They have put in ankylo rather than diplodocus. Pls double check replace the guy responsible for the spawn dino as well

I do believe that both Diplodocus and Ankylosaurus are in right now.

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@John still don’t see diplodocus, but anky? Why is anky roaming around? Was there an announcement on this? :face_with_monocle:


The daily common is always infesting everything

Omg… this and people seeing hybrid pursuit dinos wondering if a migration happened get asked every week.

I think @John is mistaken. Anky is a Sunday spawn, they shouldn’t be spawning now unless it’s just a random wild spawn.

@GPx yeah that’s what im confused about lol @John today is monday :rofl:

They just don’t admit they put in the wrong dino

They haven’t put in the wrong dino. Anky does spawn randomly in the wild.

And yet again some snowflake with a straw has flagged me. :smiley:

Here’s the article I was looking for: https://metahub.info/jurassic-world-alive/7872/jurassic-world-alive-a-deeper-look-at-spawn-mechanics-in-1-7/

44% chance you’ll see the daily common at any time. Based on the 10 Hat less Gary’s I see from here, I’d say it checks out.

Some people don’t like the truth! There was no need for it to be hidden.

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