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Edit: I spoke too soon on boosts

It seems I spoke too soon on the boost rollback. What seemed like a good solution earlier is now… well, I don’t know. I’ll let my strikethrough comments stand, for posterity, but I’m revoking my conclusion based on how the effects are shaking-out. I haven’t played at all since the update, but a brief look at my inventory, and the discussion here, and I’m just… confused.

Ludia, I still give you credit for making a MAJOR move, and being bold, but early returns suggest that the cure is worse than the disease.

I’ll be (uncharacteristically!) brief here: WELL DONE with the rollback of boosts, and thank you for being brave enough to do it.

Today’s action on boosts wasn’t an easy thing, not just in the mechanics of getting things to work properly for all the things that had to be reset, but in the very decision to do something this big and significant. I’ve been vocal in how much I hated how boosts were originally deployed, but I’ve been equally vocal in my belief that you absolutely do listen to the player base, and my belief in your ability (and bravery) to make the decision to do the hard thing. I’m sure the last two weeks have been tough, but from my standpoint, today’s announcement should make the effort worthwhile. Whether or not the changes today end up being the perfect fix, need another revision, or fall somewhere in the middle, you’ve earned a lot of credit from this player today.



Play and find out. Anything is better than what 1.7 started as.