Edited: Soooo tired of "WONDERFUL" crits!

Hopefully this is less offensive…

I’m so “DELIGHTFULLY” sick of losing battles due to “WONDERFUL” crit chains! For god’s sake Ludia, fix this! There’s no way to counter a faulty game mechanic and it’s sucking all the fun out of the game.


the way you have made certain words upper case and in quotes may inadvertently give ludia the impression that you approve of this game mechanic.

just an fyi.

I think the sarcasm is pretty clear. It seems my strategic use of asterisks in the OP was too much for their delicate sensibilities. If only they were as sensitive to player feedback.

Just lost another bunch of matches due to bogus crits: i.e. crits on counter attacks and swap-ins (which I’ve mentioned as a concern in other threads), probability-defying crit chains, convenient / miraculous game-ending crits that allow the opponent steal the match. It’s a joke.

For the pro-RNG crusaders, I’m not opposed to the concept and I agree that the game would be boring without it. But there seems to be a definite problem with a system that enables random chance to play such a prominent role in a match. RNG should a spice that adds flavour, not one that overpowers everything else.