Edmontoguanodon Beast

I don’t see these too often, but one of my personal favorites.

Let’s see yours!


I love bleeding the ones with 9k health


I understand this feeling,same for me,my personal love


Wow! I bet that is super fun to use!

Bleeding? It can regenerate and run.

Its my strongest dino actually,i could have done that on thor or rinex but i love the originality of this creature
when it regen,it get 4632 hp back ^^,end stages,people became nuts
Oh and i forgot to mention it but…It 100% counter the rat,it stun the swap in and because he is fast,he hit first

bleeding is one of the strongest option against him,and of course,using an overboosted thor

My little one. Don’t know if I will keep leveling and boosting it but so far it gives many many matches. jw2

If you keep its speed at 107, it cannot stop and counter the SIR of the rat.

It hits first only when boosted to faster than the Rat, right? Its original speed is 107 only, slower than that of Rat 109.

even on end stage,i havent see any rat faster than him and im close to upgrade its speed to 148

IMO I keep her slow to let her stun block opponents. I know game is now about speed but I prefer to invest on speed on others.

I do same with my Tryko. it is not speed boosted but Tier 7 both health and attack.

Agree. Some dinos are better kept slow like Tryko and Dio. My Tryko and Dio are at 115 only.

In my case, the point you mentioned about countering the rat, I use my Edmontoguana also in SIA to block it. Also have my Zor for that purpose. Always on SIA

Of course it has to have the right circumstances, like a failed swap in stun or missing health

So, if you swap in Edmonto while the opponent swap in the Rat, can your Edmonto stop the SIR from Rat?


Even i f rat is faster. Iguana’s Stun SIA is always first. 66% chance to stun but it’s always really useful. Even if stun fails still prefer to have a big hit on her than on my Thor or indoraptor.

I rarely see anyone in arena with it. I currently have a level 23 and when it stops the rats rampage oh it brings me much joy!


Hey sean how do you have 192 darts?