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Edmontoguanodon (File 19 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

Ok, to the delight of many I will call this creature the hybrid between “Thor and Loki”!
Equipped with power and plenty of health, welcome Edmontoguanodon!


DNA cost: 81340
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 2709
Damage: 1046
Ferocity: 6056

Level 20

Health: 5065
Damage: 1602
Ferocity: 10191

Level 30

Health: 7668
Damage: 2415
Ferocity: 15396

Level 40

Health: 11709
Damage: 3396
Ferocity: 22576


Edmontosaurus is a very strong creature with very high health and attack!
This is why its DNA cost is also high!
Its ferocity is superior to dinosaurs like the Metriphodon and the Dracoceratops, but not the Yudon or the Armormata!
Still, it’s still a good creature to use!

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I will not be able to make these files until Monday 4th September because I will be on vacation!
I can still write, but don’t create too complicated posts!

For this reason, tomorrow I will make a File where there will be 4 creatures: two normal and two hybrids!

There will be a new poll on which I want everyone viewing this post to vote for sure!
I will not be offended!

Do you want me to continue to do “File artistic concept”?
  • Keep going, your ideas are good
  • It continues, for me it is not a problem
  • No stop, your ideas are useless
  • No stop, your ideas are bad

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If you have made a mistake in voting or have changed your mind, write it to me!

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That’s the herbivore hybrid I’m looking most forward to be in the game especially since we already have both ingredients. Great job!


it should be the most expensive hybrid because edmontosaurus is more expensive than ankylodocus but great idea

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I don’t think Edmontoguanodon would be more expensive than Dilophoboa or Armormata.


The cost of Edmonto is exaggerated!
I would change it to 7900 DNA


ok nice idea

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can i suggest one idea

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how about eremoceros hybrid of eremotherium and eucladoceros


It will come out, I promise!


I agree that this hybrid should enter the game! Also as we all know we NEED some more good amphybians. My first idea was grypolyth but is doesnt make much sense becouse it would be made with lythronax and gryposuchus but lythro already has a hybrid. But its not much of problem since like 30 or 40% are tournament creatures in this game. Well i got out of topic here… but all and all this is pretty neat creature! and we need more strong herbivores as well

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Edmontosaurus prize doesnt make much of a sense because how frigile it is in battle. And even after stats buff edmonto is one of the weakest dinos in my eyes.

Its stats when released :point_up:

Its stats after little “controversy” around it from players :point_up: