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Edmontoguanodon has a skill loophole


One of the abilities of edmontoguanodon forbids swap for 2 turns BUT has a regenerate and swap ability so it’s not really 2 turns.


Same as dracocera it’s intended


But unlike dracocerarops, edmontoguanodon regenerates AND swaps out in one move. :thinking:


You are a blind Dino lol…

On the moves. LUDIA has decided to make swapping a majority thing. So they gave new Dino’s intended to be able to swap in and out rapidly.

That’s also why they are pushing bleeding Dino’s to make people swap out to try to jump start the hyper swap system of things.

One of the big reasons swapping hasn’t caught on is that you lose a turn swapping in (so they gave swap in abilities)

Another was the turn lock down (the original one turn locked Dino’s weren’t great) so they gave a fair amount of cleanse to swapping Dino’s.

Thier health was bad on both the swapping in and strike and run Dino’s (so swap out heal)

And they love flying Dino’s so alot of new ones are flyers.

BTW is your dog named Rex? Lol


Faced a level 28 edmonoguan today. Suprised me at first lol

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LOL i wish i had a dog named Rex.

I dont mind their pushing new skills. It’s just misleading to call a skill “swap in stun, no swap out for 2 turns” but can very well swap out right after. :man_shrugging:


Yeah it is a bit. It’s more like he will be stuck for 2 turns unless you swap him out in which case he wouldn’t be there for very long anyway.

But I reken that was prolly too long to write…


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Dracorex Gen 2 was a great swap in and everyone whined that it was OP because they said there were “no” counters for it… now they are doing it with Dracoceratops as well…

There really is no winning with SIA… people just want to battle with the same dino’s and “know” what the next move is…

I personally like the SIA… and even the cleanse and swap has it’s uses…