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Edmontoguanodon needs some love!

This derpy hybrid is acually pretty good… I use it as a level 12 in sorna marches and it kinda works! It has some cool moves that you can use in many different ways. I usually use this combo:
Nullefying impact - greater stunning rampage - regeneration and run - swap in stun and the do it all over again… this dino has good health and decent attack, but kinda crappy speed… but thats not to much of a problem because of SS.

Does anyone else use the Edmontoguanodon? Only me? (Probably…) maybe not… who knows…

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Well… I would but…

I don’t have it.

I would legit give it a tryout on my team.

That is, if I had enough DNA to get it up high enough to be useful on my team. Which sadly I don’t atm. Ironically enough, living in an area where L3 has easy access when they were spawning there, and the parks near me being pretty small, haven’t had a chance to collect much Iguanodon dna ><

Hey Adam_Flodin, I think Edmontoguanodon’s slower speed can be used to its advantage as well! For example, when facing a dino with a faster speed, you can use Nullifying Impact > Greater Stunning Rampage, and if the stun is successful, it’ll cause the creature to be stunned the following turn allowing you to use Superiority Strike then going first the next round to use Nullifying Impact again. That is a lot of damage!


Getting it to lvl 21 before I put it on my team. :slight_smile:


Don’t you mean:


Needs some love :sob: it’s brand new. There are dinos that have needed a buff for months and got nothing.


I’m using it, lvl 18 currently.

I love him. Mine is level 14. It sits right at home on my team thats 4 levels above him.

Wow u have that much iguana and edmonto? Lucky, mine is still level 11 lmao… My procerathomimus is getting high levels tho

I’ve been wondering today if edmontoguana is actually better than promimus…

I’m leaning towards the possibility that it is. All that versatility!

It is very good. The Regen and run is crazy good. It’s hp is so high that it can come back in multiple times


I know! Landning that stun! It’ great!

I really wish I hadn’t levelled my edmontosaurus to 16 back in the day. Oh well.

I’m just going to leave this here…lol.


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I’d gotten a lot of both over the months. Lol

im conflicted. i want to like it, and the regeneration swap out is cool. but the swap in stun is sorta dumb due to its low speed. it stuns, then the opposing dino has a go anyway and half kills him in one shot. would be better if the swap in stun actually did some damage. from what i can see it is only useful on a slower dino

Should I keep going? Might have to do a friendly or two to see if I like it…

Swap in stun is just supposed to be a free swap in, unfortunately it doesn’t always work. It’s the same thing as swap in invincibility, if ur slower, opponent will get a hit off anyways, but at least with these, they get one hit off and not two…

After messing around with this girl in friendlies quite a bit, I am starting to think that there may have been a mistake made with its speed.

It seems like its speed should be 112 and not 107?