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Edmontoguanodon seems underwhelming

Edmontoguanodon seems incredibly underwhelming to me.I’ve faced it many times before and every time its easily defeated by Titanoboa or secodontosaurs but seeing that it my be good due to stun regenerate and run and alot of health.Please give feedback.

I mean secodontosaurus is really good and titanoboa is standard,I think the problem is that people in your arena do not know how to use it,I use it in my team and it does an excellent job and wins me many battles I would not else have won.

It’s a real pain to play against if you don’t have an immunity to stuns. Stun, run away, swap in stun and runaway. Although I haven’t faced one for about a month now I would say.

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Update:now that the revenge ability is being added it seems that Edmontoguanodon will become a good counter to anything with a revenge ability.