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Edmontoguanodon Vs Tragodistis

Who is better and why (not including accessibility)? What roles do they serve in a team comp?

I never got to play around with Edmonto in my team since it came out when I was already high in team level, but whenever someone uses it against me, my Indominus or Thor chewed right through it. Trago on the other hand, can at least put up a sheikh against Indominus. I still use Trago on my team.

Both are equally useful. They fulfil different roles. One doesn’t exclude the other in a team.

I run tragod lvl25 in my team, am thinking of replacing Stegod as main tank n replace Stegod with something else. (my Stegod is lvl26). U can as well check out top teams, those with 5k trophies, some still run high lvl tragod, so it’s a safe long term dino investment wise. not too sure abt Edmonto, if high lvl teams run it.

The problem with the tanks is the DSR (cof cof RAT) cause they are usefully if we don´t have that inconveniente

trago is alot more usefull then edmon. you cant really comparr the two. ones a very good tank. the other is more of a swapin.

What level is your team? Edmonto works great until level 20, but I wouldn’t level it up further, just in case it gets a super hybrid in the future.
It synergyses very well with bleeders (suchotator) or with Dracoceratops.
It can stun and deny Dracoceratops swap in rampage when both are swapped in at the same time.
It also counters indoraptor.
The stun rampage is an awesome finisher.

Tragodistis is equally good. Just a different role.
If DNA and coins are no issue, you should run both in your team until they’re level 20.

First post in this forum, thanks for all the replies! I’m floating around high Lockdown with Sucho 16, Indom 17, Utahsino 17, Allosino 17, Yoshi 17, Einia 17, Tarbo 19 and Deinocheirus 19. Will swap out Einia for draco (sorry) soon, should I use both on my team? They’re both Apex mid in metahub’s tier list, but Pocemon said edmonto is slightly better I think. How are their roles different? I thought both were tanks.