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Hello there
Lot’s of people talks about the mighty procerathomimus but not a lot of people talks about the edmontoguanodon (which was classified APEX2)by metahub
-lvl 26 stats:
107 speed
5% crit
0 armor

-superiority strike
-Nullifying impact
-Greater stunning rampage
-Regenerate and run


swap in stun

I have tried this little fellow and bring him on lvl 21,just wow
His weakness are his dmg and his speed but since tanks are not part of the meta,the fact he don’t have any armor or shield is not even a problem
He is weak against all priority stun if they are effective.
He have Huge hp pool which can tank a lot of dmg
He is good dinosaurs to play a swap in style and can make an incredible duo with dracoceratops.
His stun is devastating but you have one delay
And the nullifying strike is a must on these days because of evasive stance.
Regenetation will heal you back 50% heals ,and because he have a big hp pool,he is hard to kill.
I removed stegoceratops from my team for this guy and wow


Never gave me much trouble… And I guess basically EVERY DINO makes an incredible duo with Dracoceratops :joy:… but I know what you meant.

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But the swap in and out gameplay is golden when your dino have a effect when he enter and can swap out by doing something!