Effect Ideas: % Increases to and Ignoring Resistances

It’d be interesting to see abilities that basically grant new or bolster current resistances additively for a period as well as abilities that could render them null for that specific attack. Could open up a lot more ability ideas as well as give some old abilities and dinos some new flavor.

Imagine Dig In also granted parietal temporary Stun resistance to a degree to reduce the chance of a stun turning the priority move against the user.

Or Bellow granting Distraction immunity for the one attack to stop a Pounce from hindering the defender’s next attack without the need of using yet another Resilient ability in a move set.

A creature that is resilient but has no stun immunity could perhaps gain that immunity, but only for a moment. But then the opponent may have a single attack that ignore Stun Immunity.

Or better yet, a “Crippling” move that temporarily removes Swap Prevention resistance among other effects to stop a once agile foe from making a clean getaway. Perhaps a new active ability or passive for the Crocs, while the current No Escape could become something else like “On Escape Pursuit” to convey a similar but otherwise different ability.

I give this one a maybe. I haven’t seen any really compelling cases for it to be added on anything, yet.
And Immunity that activates and wears off mid-battle wouldn’t be completely new, since we have Bosses that become temporarily Immune to HP changes, and creatures that are Immune to swap-prevention being swap-prevented.