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Effects of removing boosts

We have seen the effects of boosts over the last year. Now what would the effect of removing boosts?

  1. The top players will need a new challenge since would have the 10 to 20 meta relevant creatures and get bored of the same kinds of battles

  2. Ludia can do serious rebalancing without having a huge backlash since the amount of resources required to change teams is halved or quartered.

  3. The leaderboard will be more.fluid and also more RNG dependent. A winning streak gets you an “undeserved” high score in 1 season and next season you are 200 places lower due to a bad streak.

  4. Sanctuaries will be harder to build. Boosts do help to speed up sanc building and also reward players who put their boosted creatures in sancs.

  5. Ludia will lose money. Putting aside the refunds and class action lawsuits, boosts removal means some form of compensation aka HC. This will flood all accounts with more HC than can be used up in a short period. This means fewer players buying HC and doing TapJoy. This eats into Ludia’s profit margin and probably the main reason for boosts not being removed.

  6. New complaints about X creature being OP and Y creature needing a buff.