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Effects vs dragons of certain color

I was running a team with Snoggletog Toothless and Windshear and I noticed that if you use those two dragons one after each other they over-write the color related effects instead of stacking them. Is it intentional?


I found that out yesterday, I don’t think it should work that way since they aren’t exactly the same ability. If it was Frosty Sparguard and Hailfate it’d make sense since they are both red. But I don’t think Yellow should overwrite green or blue with red since they aren’t the same

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In my opinion they should not too, as it basically makes it waste one of two abilities. In addition now it makes me wonder if you get for example two dragons in team that suppose to increase the speed of spirit regeneration and you use them one after another, does it over-write it too?

Yes, but that one makes sense since they are the exact same.

I’d agree also, that appears to be a bug to me.