Einasaurus disappeared from the wild?


Does anyone know where does it spawns now? I don’t find them anymore.


Yes it’ because they were removed from global spwn with 1.4 update according to metahub.

According to them, they are only near gas station now (as a nest)

I see more einasuchus now (because they are spawning in L2 AND in parks)

Hope it helps !


Well, this is very disappointing. At least I would put it in the arena incubator instead of some garbage DNA like stigy gen 2. Eina is neaded for two good hybrids in the mid-hight arenas we really nead his DNA.


I agree, I used it heavily in the early days to climb through the arenas. Now stegoceratops is easier to make :joy: (both stego and triceratops are global spawn) so I would suggest to work towards him instead


Well, there aren’t other options, so I will invest in that direction.