Thought I would leave it 24 hours before posting but what is going on with spawns… einosaurus is is taking over the planet…



They’re multiplying image

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They are trying to compensate its disappearence in the previous update :joy:

IT’s a new global. Get out your Einiasuchus. With that new 75% chance to stun, it’s gonna go up a tier or twelve.

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I might have to work on einasuchus. My Sarcorixis is ready to go to 22 but don’t want to lvl it as it’s not the best lol

So. Many. Redheads.


Could feel that pain :thinking:


I have the same problem but with suchomimus lol

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The game seems to of reset for new players.

We get dino’s for people just starting out. But nothing needed for the creatures of higher level players. 24 hours should of been enough to see something useful.

To my place, there is only irritator gen 2, Ludia had been hearing about what I said about irritator gen 2.

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Suchomimus einasaurus everywhere and irritator gen 2 and tarbo


For the first time since DLing the game, I’m considering deleting it. Spawns have been nerfed to complete uselessness, battle is exactly the same - RNGasaurus is all I see. They never pick my nullifiers when invincible emu or either indo waltzes out.

It’s just not fun anymore. Not sure how alliances are going to affect end game with people creating alt accounts and hoarding DNA. I used to have so much fun and now I dread battling and there’s no point in hunting.

Also Suchomimus


I would love to live in the Suchomimus zone… I want a Super-Suchotator!

Requests through Alliances are cool on that context: I asked for Suchomimus DNA and got around 800!

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Ditto here… doing the same thing

Would prefer helpful common spawns like last update, what is this trash? Can’t even get rid of the DNA for coin with alliance as no-one wants it! why flood the world with very useless(at end game) creatures? heck why not flood the commons with the newly arrived commons instead of everyone’s first overleveled dino??? the spawns look like they did at release date eins everywhere and 0 epics come on big L flick the switch that makes the spawns decent again

Nothing wrong with that!

I recall reading in the patch notes ludia wanted to know what we tjought of the new spawns… and here is what i think as a person who lives and works in a l1, with easy acess to l2 and l3.

These spawns are terrible… why must you insist on not fixing L3 after months of us the community telling you its horrible?

What possibly could have led you to the conclusion that us telling you for months we were sick of getting irritator gen 2 in incubators ment we wanted him to spawn on almost every street…you litterally gave us irritator gen 2 dna in almost every incubator for months…

And speaking of commons… you think maybe you can mix up the spawns some… do you really think a new player is gonna be impressed when they load up the game and see the same dino all over the map. Every zone has like one dino that just dominates the map…

I dont want all good spawns but a variety of spawns with some good spawns mixed. Yesyerday and today were the first two days in a row i havent gone out to hunt in months.

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