Einiasuchus glitch?


Whenever I use my Einiasuchus in battle and the opponent uses Einiasuchus as well if it is the same level as my dino the opponents Einia will automatically be faster. Where as if I use any other dinosaur and the opponent hs the same one at same level it will be marked as a question mark for who goes first. I have lost many battles because of this. I have included a screenshot below of this. My Einia was not slowed down by another dino.


If your dinos are the same species and the same level, it’s a coin toss as to which goes first. It just happens to be that you’re coming up on the losing end of RNG so far.


Unfortunately that is not happening in this instance. If that was happening in my screen shot there would be to sets of yellow arrows pointing towards each ther with questions marks inside.

What you just described is what it suppose to happen but is not happening.


I’m pretty sure I heard someone else say if the same dino and level that who chooses their attack quickest gets the first move.


If its true sounds good. Quickest finger wins.


I’m pretty sure it’s the quickest wins. Had it several times and I started if I decided within 2 sec.