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Einiasuchus not stunnable


The last three fights I did against an Einiasuchus I was not able to stunn it. After my attack the opponent was stunned but instead that I could attack another round he just attacked me. So it seems, at least for me, that the Einiasuchus is not stunnable.
Does anyone noticed the same behaviour?


What dino and ability were u using? If allosinosaurus with instant charge then that’s the way it is.


If your attack is not a guaranted stun (100% stun) then it has a chance to fail everytime. What you are saying is a confirmation bias. And your sample is too small except if, once again, you did a guaranted stun (then provide video and report)


I’ve had my Einiasuchus stunned serveral times recently - usually by Stegoceratops …


When you used instant charge to stun the opponent that’s faster than you, he is still able to attack you back first in next round


I was fighting with an Iguanodon and used “Greater Stunning Impact”.
Right after the attack there was the “Stunned” lettering, stating the my oponent was stunned. As far as I noticed if the stunn was not successfully then this writing will not appear.


Here we go again with the endless topics of people complaining about some sort of conspiracy behind the RNG lol :smiley: Einiasuchus is not immune, and therefore stunnable as any other dinosaur. You just had bad luck with the stun RNG the last 3 times you faced one. I should know, I use my Einiasuchus every time I get the chance and Stegoceratops almost always stun me…


Yup. I feel bad sometimes when using my Stegoceratops, because he stuns a lot, and I know what it’s like being on the receiving end of 2 stuns and then KO. They brought out their T-Rex to chomp my armor… but stun + damage, then stun+damage, then just damage… KO. Poor guys.

Then there’s the times I want to stun that T-Rex, but no stun… and CHOMP! Critical Hit! I’m KO’d, lol.

Be very aware of confirmation bias. Remember all the times you were successful, not just when you weren’t.


I haven’t seen lettering myself so far when one is stunned, except the stunned dino gets an iconic dizzy spin on its head.


It’s the issue of false graphic display being addressed here. Read as many times until you get what he’s talking about before preaching.


The graphic thing is a secondary point in this thread. The main complaint is that Einiasuchus didn’t get stunned, graphic aside. Maybe you should re-read the original post a couple of times and with any luck realize this, before rudely implying I can’t understand what I read.


Both things come together.
In my opinion you see when you successfully stunned your oponent, the german version has an lettering over the oponents head stating “Betäubt” and this dizzy spin thing.
If I see this I would guess that I stunned my enemy. But this did not happened.

If they patched the game in a way that even if you think you successfully stunned the oponent and there is some rng behind it I am ok with it.
Dont know why people are getting so agressive. Was a simple question with nothing bad in my mind. Even dont wanted to complain about that I am having bad luck.

All you guys, calm down and hunt on.


Sorry, but you are all wrong. It’s not RNG, and not a grapich failure. Einia gets stunned but she can attack after that. The thing is that a creature skips their next attack, not their next turn. I explain it why. Turn by turn.

Turn 1:
First attacker: Enia because she is faster.
Second attacker: Iguanodon uses Superiotity strike which slows Einia down.

Turn 2
First attacker: Iguanodon uses Greater stunning impact and stun Einia
Second attacker: Einia is stunned. Can’t attack.

Turn 3
First attacker: Einia can attack this turn because she gets her speed back.
Second attacker is Iguanodon now

So basically Einia attacks after she gets stunned, because this turn she would go second but next turn she goes first. If Einia wouldn’t get stunned she would attack twice. Because this turn she is second and next turn she is first.

And this is why I think it’s a nerf for these types of creature (Ouranosaurus is the same). I don’t like that.


So far as I see you can read better by trying to figure what the thread poster means, not what he says. We are done with wordgames nowadays.


Exactly, any unconventional stun such as instant charge or stun against a faster hostile dino while it’s on a speed decreasing effect is insecure when you think you can one-shot him before he does that to you.


I was thrown off by how stun works at first as well, sometimes it seems like the stun lasts one turn sometimes it seems to go away right away…

Stun stops one attack. Depending on what attack order happens, the stun ends on that turn or it goes into the next turn.

If you went first, attacked, then the opponent stuns you, the stun carries into the next round of attacks because you have to miss a turn and you haven’t missed it yet… so you don’t get to pick an attack, you are stunned.

If your opponent goes first and stuns you, you miss that turn (even though you chose an attack at the start of that round), and you are no longer stunned for the next round of attacks… so you get to choose another attack.


Great answer, was in a similar situation a few times and was wondering what happened… What you say actually makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing!


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