Einiasuchus OP


You can’t even counter it with a T-Rex because it’s faster, it stuns you, and then it uses Fierce Strike and you’re done


Swap out your T-rex…?


Use stego or ankyl… Lol it’s not that hard to counter.


Honestly agree with that


Omg another person gonna complain about dinosaurs being op well if the game is to hard for you GO PLAY FARMVILLE


I was stunned by this 3 times one match yesterday. It’s frustrating but honestly can be countered by quite a few dinos when using the right moves.

It wiped 2 of mine off the bat in another match yesterday too, I lost the match, but not before bringing it back to 2-2.


Have you looked at the moves of the dinosaur it’s stun chance is not even that high how can it be op


OP can’t figure out how the person using it will use its moves. Typically I’ve seen the same routine in moves, it’s min strike, then pulse to heal, then ferocious strike then stun n repeat n heal. It’s pretty easy to figure out this Dino n the players choices before they swap out for a raptor lol


What’s your SR? I’m in 2200 and it’s always Fierce Strike>Great Impact>Pulse to heal>Switch to an Erlikosaurus Gen 2 and then use Devastation.