Einiasuchus > Sarcorixs again. Please upgrade Sarcorixis

So with the new changes to Einiasuchus and the soon prevalence of Damage over Time creatures, it appears the Rare component of Sarcorixis is yet again better than the Epic version and a better value.
Einiasuchus has more hit points again. 3870 versus 3840
Einiasuchus has more armor. 20% versus 15%
Einiasuchus has an Adrenaline Pulse that can remove DOTs. Sarcorixis does not.
The damage is the same.
They both have Ferocious Strike
They both have Greater Stunning Impact 75%.

Now granted Sarcorixis has a more variable toolbox.
Sarcorixis Simple attack Does pierce armor.
Sarcorixis has a Lockdown strike.
Sarcorixis has a swap in shield.
In head to head at the same level Sarcorixis would win because the Epic goes first, but one level higher and Einiasuchus wins.
That variability in the tool box is nice, but it does not compare to that regenerate that removes DOTs
This makes Einiasuchus a better value, again and one of the best hybrid rare values in the game up until the mid upper tiers.
In the past Einiasuchus was better than than Sarcorixis, but back in September you upgraded Sarcorixis to fix this. Now with this update you gave Einiasuchus a 75% stun, more hitpoints, and the regenerate now makes Einiasuchus a more useful tank.

Please upgrade Sarcorixis to make the value of adding the Sarcosuchus meaningful.
Maybe replace the Armor piercing strike with the Sarcosuchus DOT and/or add more hitpoints.


Gorgosuchus is stronger and faster than its legendary hybrid. Gorgo can be a few levels lower and still kills Megalosuchus. Megalosuchus has more HP and a counter attack but it doesnt live long enough against gorgo to even counter twice. Clearly being a hybrid or higher rarity matters.