Einiasuchus vs Sarcorixis


The new hybrid looks sweet I think but I’m comparison it just seems much weaker. Is there something I’m missing?


On the plus side it has Greater Stunning Impact, for the 75% stun rate. It has another Impact move too so its damage should end up being at least comparable. Though because only one move stuns it doesn’t have quite the staying power than Einio has. However, it has similar armor and health, plus a 20% crit chance on top of Ferocious Strike. So at least some of the time, its damage output should be pretty hefty still.


That Lockdown Strike can be useful if deployed properly, too.


Maybe I’m just not using it right, Eino just seems to pull KO’s off more often.


Im not sure if many people use this Sacrorixis because everyone is doubting and waiting to see if it is actually good. Or because einiasuchus is simply still the better choise. I think the Eniasuchus IS actually the better pick. Most people on higher ranking seem to have it on high lvl and it is a beast! And i dont see any Sacrorixis out there. Seems speed just too important. You cant swap something that is too slow, it will always get two strikes agaisnt it and that is just too lethal.


I’ve got both in my team. I just added the former back after a period of using my Amargasaurus. Once I got & unlocked my Giraffatitan (I received it from a 12-hour incubator I earned after winning one of my fights in the arenas.), I figured I should switch my Amargasaurus out, since both species have similar move sets (i.e. Their abilities, while different, do similar things.).

As for whether the Einiasuchus or Sarcorixis is better? I’ve found both to be pretty effective if they’re used right. In the case of the latter, I mainly use its “Greater Stunning Impact” ability (mostly to take out a Carnivore opponent I’ve already weakened using another of my creatures after said creature has been KO’ed) and “Ferocious Strike” ability (to weaken a heavily armored or high HP opponent). I sometimes use its other two abilities as well, the Armor Piercing Strike” ability more often than the “Lockdown Impact” one.


Sarcorixis > Einiasuchus. At least in my opinion!

I’ve used the sarcorixis in a friendly battle. It’s crazy how much damage that thing can do with the ferocious strike buff and it’s utility is great. Both the greater stunning impact and lockdown impact are 1.5x multipliers and just add the buff and its 2.0x. It’s not uncommon to crit with it either.

Basically at level 30 the sarcorixis has 300 more hp (4,738) than the einiasuchus (4,446). While the sarcorixis is lacking some damage (1,263) compared to the einiasuchus (1,579). Both dinosaurs are good in different situations, so find out which is fitting for you.

Sarcorixis damages: Ferocious Strike (1.5x) = 1,895. The other attacks WITH the buff -> Lockdown Impact and Greater Stunning Impact (1.5x) = 3,158 (6,316 for both added.)
Overall estimated rotation damage with the ferocious strike buff = 8,211 total damage (without normal strikes)

Einiasuchus damages: Ferocious Strike (1.5x) = 2,369. The other attacks WITH the buff -> Stunning Impact (1.5x) = 3,158. Normal strike attack (1.5x with the buff) = 2,369.
Overall estimated rotation damage with the ferocious strike buff = 7,896. total damage

Keep in mind I only came up with the overall estimated damage that each of those dinosaurs can do before their buff runs out. Hope this helps! :smiley: I tried to keep it simple lol


After using both dinos in my team, I think I’d have to say Einiasuchus, although Sarcorixis is still brilliant.

The deal-breaker for me is Einia’s Cleanse ability, which has saved me from a lot of battles that I otherwise would have lost without it. The tiny bit of extra speed also comes in handy. That’s not to say that I haven’t won a battle thanks Sarcor’s Lockdown ability, however. On average though, I win more battles with Einia.

Although Sarcorixis is great (and can deal more damage with the increased critical), I’m not sure it’s worth all the extra DNA that goes into it. If Sarcor was a regular rare dino or simple hybrid like Einia, I’d probably feel easier about leveling it up.


I’m still trying to level my Sarco to 15 before really testing it out, but I suspect Enio is probably better long-term. I can def attest to its healing being useful (though I honestly wish recovery moves were more like 33% instead of 25%). The Cleanse aspect gives it a much more positive matchup with Thagomizers.