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Einiasuchus: Why did most of the top players keep her in their team?

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I have seen many profiles who have her. What’s the secret behind?
Mine is still at lvl 13 and I’m quite reluctant to spend coins and lvl her up.

My guess would be: She’s a tank who can increase her damage, stun and then cleanse off Bleeds, Slows, Distractions and heal a bit. Or maybe they like her design? Idk I left mines at level 12.

She was easy to overlevel and quite good for a rare.


IDK I ran Einisasuchus up till L19 when it became pretty unviable in that meta, maybe further up the ladder it becomes more relevant again. It’s also CHEAP in terms of DNA.


Easy to overlevel in the lower arenas, and she’s still a beast in Jurassic Ruins if you’re unlucky. I still come across lv24 Einia from time to time.

I probably would have used her longer if the migration didn’t hit.

Probably because it isn’t a bad hybrid. DNA to level it is relatively plentiful.


I’m goona put it in my team when it’s"team level" because mine is still level 11

I haven come across a Lvl 24 Einia yet. But when I do face her. My Raptors will finish her off in one or 2 hits

That i don’t think. She still has armor and not that small a hp pool. Not long i ago i came across a lvl 30 one and was quite surprised how much dmg output she had.


My Einias is level 30 and she wrecks! Shes overleveled of course, as my team avg is about 26.5. Shes a set up dino, bring her in to finish something off, then wreck their next dino!

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I ran into a level 30 just recently. And this was around the 4500 area so imagine my shock when it marched out lol. Luckily it swapped in at the wrong time when my faster gorgo 2-shot him with FS and DSR.

Rebecca maybe it was you I fought in the arena haha.

Your raptor is toast against level 24 Einiasuchus, unless it’s level 29 or 30. Let’s do the math.

L28 Velociraptor goes first, uses Pounce, and causes 2328 damage (1455 x 2 x 80% armor). Einiasuchas is now at 1182 Health (3510 - 2328).

L24 Einiasuchas hits back with Ferocious Strike and causes 589 damage (1179 x 50% Distraction). Velociraptor is now at 1561 Health (2150 - 589).

L28 Velociraptor uses Strike for 1164 damage (1455 x 80% armor). Einiasuchas is now at 18 Health (1182 - 1164).

L24 Einiasuchas uses Stunning Impact to cause 2653 damage (1179 x 1.5 x 1.5) which is almost double what is necessary and doesn’t even need the.Stun part.

Heck, Strike would get it done and the Stunning Impact of 2653 can be saved for the next opponent if it is slower.

I never face Einia at this high level.
The most I ever battle with is at lvl 18.
And I must admit she is one of the dino which I ever underestimate her power.