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Einiogyrinus and Scaphostega

In my comment about the game in Google play I have written some of my new hybrid suggestions . Lydia inc. answered me that if I want I can publish them in the forum . So here are two of them !

Here is Einiogyrinus (Einiosaurus + Proterogyrinous) . It has many similarities with Sarcorixis from JWA but it is different due to its parents .

Here is Scaphostega (Scaphognathus + Acanthostega) .

I am not a great artist but I think that they deserve to come into the game .What do you think ? Do you have other ideas ?


I certainly wouldn’t mind some additional hybrids particularly that compliment the weaknesses of the current ones. A tournament hybrid amphi that is more balanced on attack vs. health than the gorgo would be a nice addition. Before that though, we really could use a SR amphi hybrid!


And a Common hybrid amphibian

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Although I would like a super rare amphibian hybrid or a common one like @Andy_wan_kenobi suggested , these ideas cannot be implemented because we have run out of amphibians at those rarities . The only amphibians left for hybrid are the tournament ones . I try to make hybrids from the existing dinosaurs. On the other hand , Einiogyrinus would be a very helpful weapon against Indoraptor , which is a really unbeatable “god” at the game . We really need a strong amphibian.