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Einiosaurus tournament - 11/15/19 - 11/19/19

This week’s tournament is the lovely Ceratopsid Einiosaurus. Good luck to all who want to unlock her

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Here is my result from today.
I had some trouble today with very hard events. Took me some of my strongest creatures to win, as a result I did not had so many creatures left for the tournament as normal.


I’m really perplexed by my match-ups. As mentioned in the post on tournament difficulty, all of my battles up until Dominator were extremely easy. I checked the forum first and was not surprised for folks to report it as quite difficult, and I organized my line up in preparation for some tough battles. I ended up over extending greatly. That being said the opponent in Dominator had an extremely powerful team. Just wanted to share my experience as it is quite puzzling.

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My internet hates me right now, so i wasn’t able to go very high (only 94th place in Dominator), however, this happened:

Nothing to see really


First copy? Very cool


Very cool, and as always, I hate people that win these in a loving sort of way. Mostly due to jealousy of not winning a top prize from the wheel yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats on the spin @Kiarash_Bahar! I can never seem to win anything but coins and 100 DNA so it gives me hope to see stuff like this :joy:

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If you win the pack on the prize wheel does it unlock the creature?

@Kiarash_Bahar Congratz! BTW :grinning:

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In 2+ years of playing I’ve never had this. And I have the luck of the devil.

This is only the 2nd time I’ve seen it flashed about on the forum too

Very fancy

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So this just happened:

To borrow from this great deadpan delivery in Jurassic World: “That’s a first.”

It won’t last, but, after playing for 18 months as a free-to-play, this is the first time I’ve ever reached the top of Dominator.

Bottom, for @Sionsith’s record-keeping, is 253 trophies.

And @Potato and @NatoPMT, I also have never won a prize creature on the prize wheel spin. First world probz.

@G-ReptilianFoot, belated welcome to the forum. To my knowledge, winning the pack does not unlock the creature, but it does give a hatch card. As for your match-ups, I’m not sure what to tell you. As @Sionsith has explained elsewhere, if your creatures’ ferocity score is significantly under what the computer thinks it should be for a certain league, it will pound you with top-of-the-line ferocity creatures.

Edit: I don’t know the exact ferocity score of my average teams in Dominator, but I can tell you most of my creatures have a minimum attack of 700; most have health around 2000, I’d guess. Most level 30 VIPs or hybrids.


Wheel spins do not unlock the creature unfortunately.


Like pitta bread scalds.

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@HanSoloWannaBe Thank you very much for the welcome! I’m used to getting a few pummels which was why the easier climb was almost unnerving. :laughing:

@Sionsith That’s what I figured, thank you for confirmation.

I am happy and excited to unlock any tournament creature, and even if it isn’t the creature I was hoping for I’m sure other folks are in need so I am glad for that. But I must confess I’m probably not going to put in as much effort into this tournament. No lack of love for Einiosaurus (who I do want to unlock) but he seems for all intents and purposes a very solid defensive shield. Nothing wrong with that, but for his expense there seems more practical alternatives. Speaking as someone whose herbivore bench is being built.

Still going to try hard to stay in Dominator but not motivated to spend as much resources this go round.

Just for discussion. :smile:

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I know Einiosaurus isn’t as sexy as some other creatures, but if you can unlock something, unlock it. You never know when it will cycle back through. Somethings come up often (Troodon, Ceratosaurus). Other things, not in the last 15 months (Bananogmius). Additionally, you never know when something unimportant becomes very important. I wouldn’t bankrupt myself spending Dinobucks to stay in Dominator, but I’ve spent a few when needed (Ceratosaurus in March, Gastornis).


This this and this again

New hybrids get released, cenozoics get shaken up (when I’d wilfully ignored creatures that suddenly became extremely desirable)…


Video on the run to Dominator:


Its 1 am here so I will watch tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what you are using and how you are using them.

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Almost at the top :blush:


You should create one dedicated topic to summarize all your videos.

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