Einosuchus or sarcorixis


I’ve been tring to decide which one of these to prioritize… I still see alot of einos where im at in sorna… ive been using sarco last few day and even under leveled he seems to do ok… swap in defense is nice to have. Wondering what others think


I think Sarcorixis is a carcass… Go for Einiosuchus, it’s a no-brainer… Have mine at level 19 and is serving me well in Sorna Marshes! Am currently in the 37xx-39xx trophy range…


Neither. Save your coins for something better cos once you reach arena 8, both will be thrashed unless you really level them up past lvl 22.


Sarco was trash before the update, now they give her the swap in ability so she is a little more useful but both Einasuco and Sarcorixis are not usable in upper Sorna or in the upper arenas.

If you are in low Sorna maybe you can use one of those (and so yes maybe now Sarcorixis is more useful then Einasuco, due to the brand new SIA) but keep in mind that they will be useless when you reach more then 3.5xx - 3.6xx trophies.

I am here and I am facing, beside legendaries, lev 20 epic like Stegoceratopo or lev 22 common like allosauro.
My Einasuco lev 17 and my Sarcorixis lev 11 (because there wasn’t SIA at the time I could use her) are in the bench and they will not be in my team from now on.


Me personally I have Eina at level 23 almost 24 and I’m around 4100-4200 and love her.


I’m at 4400 and if you have an eina where I’m at you’re a dead man.


Einiasuchus is too easy to counter. So I think it’s a waste of coins after lvl 15, at least for F2P players. Only exception is when you have hard time to get legendaries, but even then only until you get them.

Sarco can be good sometimes after update, but there are better dinos.


I see a lot of answers that are irrelevant to the question… Many people say that Einiosuchus cannot pull its weight in Jurassic Ruins and higher arenas… Probably true. But, to get to higher arenas, you need a solid team, whilst building on legendaries and uniques. And between Sarcorixis and Einiosuchus, the latter is the better choice, until you have dinos that can outclass him. So, till you can get dinos with better skillsets, stick with Einiosuchus. It is much better overall and easier to obtain/level!


I am in 4100 trophies and I still have in my team the Einiosuchus level 20 and it is my seventh favorite dinosaur. I can have several legendary ones at level 17/18 marked “Alpha” but I prefer my beloved Einiosuchus :slight_smile:

I never considered having Sarcorixis because when I could have a Sarcorixis level 11 I already had a level 16 Einasuchus and it did not make sense to change.

Sarcorixis is better at the same level but it would not be a fair comparison and I think it is better to have an Einiasuchis of 18 a, for example, a sarcorixis of 14.


Thanks for the info! My Einiosuchus is level 19 and will soon be taking it to level 20!