El indoraptor gen2 resurge o lo nerfean/The indoraptor gen2 resurfaces or is nerfed

Sería un nerfeo o mejoraría si remplazará el impacto distracción por devastación cautelosa
Y postura evasiva por paso a un lado

Doesn’t need either. Just let it die, Indo G2’s time is over.


Translated from Spanish

It would be a nerf or better if it replaced the distraction impact with cautious devastation
And evasive stance by step aside

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Indo gen 2s time has come in the meta. It once ruled the game but 2.0 destroyed it and made the indoraptor gen 2 meta no more. I say leave it the way it is. Needs no nerf and needs no buff.

It’s balanced atm. Indo G2 is an awesome flock counter