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Elasmotherium made in Iran (Creature file #48)

Hello dear friend. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at a creature that live in what is now Iran. And believe me, I think we should avoid with the horn. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Iranotherium.

Rarity: Epic

Health: 4560

Damage: 1410

Speed: 105

Armor: 30%

Critical: 5%


Defensive Stance

Definite Rampage

Ferocious Strike

Possible hybrid: Ornithotherium, fuse with Ornithomimus and Iranotherium

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4320

Damage: 1410

Speed: 111

Armor: 30%

Critical: 5%


Evasive Strike

Defensive Stance

Instant Distraction

Definite Rampage

  • The name, Iranotherium, means “Iran beast”.

  • This beast looks like an Elasmotherium, which believe to give rise to from that day on.

  • This rhino was discovered in Iran and China.


Hey guys. Jurassic month is around the corner. You know what that means? Jurassic Park anniversary. That’s right. I’ll be taking requests on creatures for June. Here are the rules for Jurassic month.


  1. I will only take one creature from the person who requested me.

  2. Only Mesozoic creatures, which means creatures that live from Triassic to Cretaceous.

  3. No aquatic creatures as they are not in the game yet.

  4. Don’t get mad if the creature you request me to do is not made.

Remember to wait until June, so you can tell me what creature you want me to do.

Iranotheriem: Made in Iran

The title was supposed to be like a teaser

I meant that to be like Made In Georgia but with Iran

Looks like a realistic Black Rhinos

The horn looks unrealistic kind of. If looks a little too much forward on the head. It looks like it is right above the nose.

Yeah, kinda.

There was another one, but it looks like an Elasmotherium as mentioned in my trivia.