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Elasmotherium : Major Darting problem!

Elasmotherium : has a Major Darting problem !
when i tried darting this pesky dinosaur it caused my game to
not only drag / slow down it caused the game to crash time after time
having to reload the game because of the lag time / slow down of this
dino is rapidly becoming a major pain in the butt i dont mind getting a
new creature but having to put up with constant lagging of the game
coupled with game crashes when i go to dart this particular dino
( Elasmotherium ) makes me want to not play this game at all.
there is a similar problem with the Marsupial lion but no where near
as bad as darting the Elasmotherium … this is one dinosaur i am definitely
not going to ether chase dna for or even bother wasting my time trying to
dart it as it is not worth my time or the effort of doing so. dont believe me
then check out the attached pictures below i wasted some 40 darts trying
to dart this * completely useless dinosaur * and for what ? a lousy 11 dna
yes thats right i wasted 40 plus darts all for a lousy total of just 11 dna in the
10 or so minutes they appeared on my game screen so in future if i see one
of these useless pieces of cr*p i am not going to even bother darting it … period !

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