Elasmotherium "The Siberian Unicorn" Mudhorn connection

I came across an article from Screenrant today that I thought some of you might find interesting (I hope).

It states in the article that the inspiration for the Mudhorn from the Mandalorian comes from the Elasmotherium. Apparently the Siberian Unicorn (which it is also known by), is a relative of the Woolly Rhino. This has helped me to expand my understanding and appreciation for the Cenozoic creatures. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s kind of fun when you can read about things and say, “Hey, that’s in my game!” :laughing:

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Elasmotherium is also in-game.
I’ve heard of the unicorn connection before, but I don’t follow the Star Wars franchise.
I actually heard of Elasmotherium before Coelodonta (The Woolly Rhino, even though they’re kinda both woolly rhinos) thanks to Prehistoric Park back in the day.

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I feel that the in game Elasmotherium is missing it’s winter coat. Lol :laughing:

The next time I go to the natural history museum, I’ll have to see if they have any of the rhinos (or any other Cenozoic creatures). Maybe I can do a AR picture next to the fossil. :slightly_smiling_face: