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Election Poll: Segnosuchus - Dunkleosaurus - Smithetoceras

voted for dunkleo, already have segnosuchus unlocked and ever since nov 2019 I haven’t cared for cenos.

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Or maybe it only shows up for preshuffle players, I just cant see it never showing but still having odds, would be astronomical odds otherwise, specially for sionsith to get so many in a row while me you and bandeezee have received none.

My moneys on if you obtained smiles back when it was a super rare it will show up in trades for you, I take it you won smilodon in the latest tournament right?


I think it’s related to three factors first having smilodom second ferocity of the park and level of the park…

I honestly can’t recall. There is a dark veil clouding my mind from the early stages of the game. I only started really paying attention cca last spring. :sweat_smile: I knew there was a thing called cot which was unavailable then suddenly available for me. I think I got some unlock back then which clearly didn’t register at first (smilodon, megalosaurus, bananogmius), I totally lucked out with gorgosaurus too, I didn’t even know what it was for or how I got it.


I voted Dunkle as I have all of these and it’s the most expensive. But really I won’t mind whatever one wins, all are great hybrids for their respective areas to have.


I’ve been at park level 99 just a little bit after the update that increased it to that. My Cenozoic lineup is decent (not like the end game players, but decent). Here’s a screenshot of my cenos. Since I started trying coins to Cenozoic CTs (sometime late 2020 I believe), I’ve gotten a tournament creature 9 times. All 9 times it was Megatherium. The latest time was February 9th. Since then I’ve moved onto coins to aquatic. I’ve gotten Smilodon and other cenos with DNA or food, but when it’s coins I only get Megatherium.


I can get 4 smilodon,Arctodus,kelenken,megatherium… its more usual Arctodus 80%…

I vote for Segnosuchus

Does anyone know when can we expect the announcement for the winner? I want to know whether I should start fusing for megarchelon or wait for dunkleosaurus.


@Indominusrexgen2 one day you will know in dominant League!

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hope so!!
I will try spino gen 2 and then segno