Elephant like reptile (Creature file #193)

Elephants do have trunk. What on earth are you even talking about? Oh, it’s a reptile. My bad. Despite a reptile, it’s actually related to mammal, like elephants itself. Who am I talking about you may ask? The one that I’m talking about is Elephantosaurus. Please welcome this creature.

Rarity: Common

Health: 4600

Damage: 1100

Speed: 115

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Resilient Strike

Revenge Decelerating Impact

Resistance: 100% Speed Decrease, and Stun

Possible hybrid: Allophantosaurus, Fuse with Allosaurus gen 2 and Elepantosaurus

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4570

Damage: 1110

Speed: 117

Armor: 0%

Critical: 40%


Cleansing Shattering Strike

Revenge Decelerating Impact

Rending Takedown

Distracting Shield

Resistance: 100% Damage Over Time, Speed Decrease, Stun, Swap Prevention, and Damage Over Time

  • The name, Elephantosaurus, means “Elephant Lizard”.

  • Even though they are reptiles, Elephantosaurus is in fact related to mammals, including elephants.

  • It probably used its tusk to dig up some small shrubs.

Can you guess who this is?:

Do NOT click on the picture, and search it through any websites. I want to hear the answer from you.

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Austroraptor from Paths of Titan?

Austroraptor is correct. And no, it is not from Path Of Titans


The Isle?
If not i will not guess it again :rofl:

The Isle is correct


that’s austroraptor 100%

and idc if they guessed it already

Wow. that just selfish

I know
You can tell I’m having a bad moment (or morning in general)

Pat your back

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I think that the model was originally made for a game called “the stomping lands”

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The Stomping Lands?

Yes. It’s a game similar to ark survival if you’ve ever heard of it. The only difference is that the stomping land was a cash grab scam while ark went on to become a mostly successful game.

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The only cash grab scam I heard is Mesozoica

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my boi austroraptor from the isle!!!

Yep. It is here