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Elephant update idea

Here is the elephant update

New creatures

New ability’s

Loading screen

Here is the loading screenimage

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Hey can you not ping a lot of people simultaneously, please?


Why not talk about my idea you know

I’d be glad to see more elephants in the game

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well the idea isnt bad. Im all for biodiversity, actually. Somethin the franchise doesn’t do well.

I do wish that more lesser known or not as famous creatures get more of a spotlight. Helps children and less aware audiences have a broader appreciation.

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I like them although i think the epic is a bit too obscure

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Geez! If the DNR handed out tags like you, I could lower my car insurance.

But there are a lot of elephants here that would be cool to see their models.

Cool ideas. That loading screen looks like an imbreed of some elephants and some ant eaters gone wrong though. One of the ugliest things I’ve seen in my life in that loading screen. I’m going to have nightmares now thank you

The creature is called Ambelodon

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@mohammed_johnson has been suspended til 10/5 haha! If hes here I’m sure he will ask u if u wanna let him do a loading screen? Haha!

Tusk slap should have a LowLong Vulnerability! As 25% for 3turn6attack?

Is good,Dino Attack

Yes we really need more Elephants because we only have 1

here is a list of elephants that should be added
Commons :

Rares :

Epics :