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ELI5 - Really?

Would someone care to explain to me how a player has a L30 unique Compy?

[EDIT: Qiew has explained how it was done, and it does appear to be legitimate.]


Lots of time spent and (more importantly) lots of hard cash. It’s definitely possible to do legitimately but likely involved running a ton of epic scents and starting a new one right after getting the first spawn (guaranteed local epic) from the previous instead of letting each scent run for the full 20 mins.


I lack others belief that is can be done legitimately but only Ludia knows


Considering the low spawn rate and the sheer quantity needed with an average of 20 per fuse?
Mathematically unrealistic.

Besides… this player once INSISTED he didn’t spend money on the game.
(I’m sure I could find the post again…)


I know a couple of the top players basically spent three days straight with minimal sleep running Epic Scents and using max level sanctuaries to FIP grind the DNA.

As far as this player specifically? No idea


I get 6 Food and 6 Toys per day and you can’t buy more than that, can you?
How many thousands of FIPs would you need to get a L30 unique Compy?


I agree it always looks suspect when anyone builds a level 30 that fast, but we’re talking about one of the top (and most well-known) players in the game. Ludia has definitely noticed. I’d hope that if anything were achieved illegitimately, they’d take action.


One who has it recently said that there is an 80% chance to get one in the first 10 minutes of an epic scent and 10% chance after that and they were just using another scent after the first 10 minutes.

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I believe you can purchase beyond the cap, yes. Add in that these sanctuaries are often rigidly controlled by their alliances and likely only had epic Compies in them… not unrealistic to think that they were acquiring 300+ DNA every three hours just from FIP, assuming they only hit each Compy with one FIP (could use two for 50% additional return–less efficient, but still very quick if you have the resources). It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that these players got Compso as quick as they did, though I am a little dubious that anyone would’ve done so without spending money.

Yes, the first spawn of an epic scent is guaranteed epic and guaranteed local (not global). It would cost a lot of cash for enough scents (over $4000 USD worth), although I’d imagine the top players have lots of cash already saved up at any given time – some of the Tapjoy offers pay out over 25k cash each, too. Couple that with FIPing in level 20s (you get 7,5,7 DNA from FIPing every three hours, so 19 DNA per compy every three hours) and you can build a 30 pretty quickly. (And yes, you can buy FIP items fairly often – that Norwegian inc in the shop right now contains 150 of them, for example.)

Edited to add: I know at least one group that filled a level 20 entirely with the new epics, so that’s a lot of compy to FIP every three hours.

There is no way anyone could have a new level 30 that quickly without spending money (or doing a ton of Tapjoy and saving up cash). But with money, yes, totally.

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Well if their on android they can acquire a lot of hard cash from tapjoy. If your deligent with record keeping you can pretty much get them to pay up reliably.


Yeah, the discrepancy in Android vs iOS Tapjoy is pretty nuts. iOS Tapjoy is almost exclusively “buy $85 worth of goods and get 2000 HC.” I have managed to find some pretty good payouts from surveys, though, which is very nice :smiley:

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Yea I’m not sure if this is 100% legit…that much dedication just doesn’t usually exist

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In this game? This is why so much of our meta relevant Dino’s our gated behind the “exclusive” wall so Ludia can drop feed us progression.

Back in the day when their wasn’t many to exclusives this was the norm. Their were multiple level 30 Thor’s within like 4-5 hours of the patch going live.

I’m talking about right now. People seem to be quitting all over the place or are going casual and not being dedicated

I mean I don’t think you can describe any top 50 player as casual let alone a current top 10 and one that’s been on here recently describing how he got said Dino to 30…

i mean, IDGT litteraly said how he and his partner did it.

After the first day of scenting we noticed that you had approximately an 80% chance of drawing a compy in the first 10 mins, while less than a 10% chance in the final 10 mins. So we often would rotate them out at that mark. We were both limited on time for the hunt with other life engagements. So it came down to money spent vs time. (Which would have been spent in the future anyway). And for those wondering how 2 players got it to 30 close to the same time, it’s because we are a couple. So we hunt together Basically everyday.

so 10 minutes rather than 20 per scent. lots of HC and real cash spent.


Hi Mitchell,

You see, there are many players in the game who know what they want, and are willing to work hard for it by hunting and taking time out of their day and night to get it.

They also probably spent money along the way, which is none of your business.

I know its hard to process in a time when most people soley rely on handouts and raids to get endgame dna, but there is still a subset of people willing to go this far for what they want.

I hope this helped clear things up for you.

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I wish they would tell us how good it is… I really think they are awesome and most likely shaking the top meta… The fact that they use them give us a clue. I would also add that if I was rich, I may have done the same thing, particularly knowing that the boost shuffle was coming. Getting it is one thing, being able to fully boost it as well? BONUS.

You can buy more, they are available once a week, 3 different FITs packages available on the top of the store. In fact, that’s the only thing I’ve bought a few times from the store. And as other have said, they also have access to multiple level 20 sanctuaries…

pretty sure he said it was good. and fun to use.