Eliminate free tournaments

If you have any other ideas to match the tournaments at a fair level for everyone, please comment.

I think it is better for all players to eliminate free tournaments since this tournament is very uneven in levels facing 25-30 rivals now the level of the opponents raised more than yesterday.
And because of that, 30 drinks are given to a rival who beats you in 10 levels and they take 20 away without being able to do anything, reaching such a degree that I had to face a rival with monolometrodon 30 to one with epics at 11.
Also I think it would be a good time to add the new polls tournaments asking for tournament topics from the gaming community. Thank you.

had that before. what was it 100 HC to enter? didnt get jack back without placing high on cash tournaments. didn’t get any HC back in coin and dna tournaments. oh and matching wouldn’t be any better.

just be careful what you wish for.


I just face super speeded, damaged and boosted 28 Mono, Thor and Magna. I felt good I was able to take out two of them with my level 21 team. :crazy_face:

I had Coelhaast, Magistocurus, Compsocaulus and Scorpius Gen 3.

a lot of players in my alliance won’t play we can get the t9

No. Free tournaments are only fair and help the alliance overall. If you eliminated free tournaments you would push people out like me - a daily gamer who is very active and does tournaments but cannot afford to pay $100 in game just to enter for a reward that is less than I paid to enter. Also, you would prevent those in an alliance from getting their 10 take downs, which would set back alliances a lot and only allow big alliances with people who have money to spend to make headway. It would make no sense to charge people simply because there are big teams I the tournaments because you’d be pushing out those of us with medium or smaller teams from playing at all because the bigger players can afford to play whereas someone like me cannot. So no, the plan would backfire, and you’d just end up with the same issue - only level 30 teams in the tournament with everyone else missing out entirely including alliances as a whole. Also, some alliances require 10 take downs and 1k medals on average for tournaments - most that make any progress do anyways - and forcing people to pay in game money (which can translate to real world money) would mean players like me would have to leave my alliance and join an alliance where I won’t make progress anymore because they don’t have requirements. I understand the frustration with back to back advantage tournaments - especially with a cash reward tournament - but to charge people to play in a tournament would hurt the game as a whole. Please do not bring this back Ludia, it’s a terrible idea, and I guarantee you more people would stop playing the game vs actually play the game.


Just do matchmaking to the closest player in with the points you have don’t make us pay for them

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if we get rid of free touraments only the players that put all there money on the game will get to do it so all level 30s but no players that are free to play

Ludia doesn’t listen to a lot of what the community says…but a player suggesting they add something to earn them money, Ludia is on board. Do NOT make us pay again, so many people will quite. I mean, more will quite than already have these past couple months

They started with paid tournaments but I think a lot of players didn’t feel it was worth it and didn’t play.

Even being free, I find it hard to bother playing as it’s just more of the same PvP. You get more out of regular PvP incubators than tournament winnings unless your good and have the time to put into it.

What I personally really want to see as creatures are now made for it is group PvP tournaments on the weekend to break the monotony of one on one PvP all week. Either join in random groups or form teams with your alliance and earn the incubator rewards as we do now. You would get the normal participation points based on our trophy level and takedowns but do it by way of battling in a group and earning points for your alliance.