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Eliminate the bots completely


Bots are making me want to spoof again… Yes, not having to face all level 30 epics is a great improvement, but now it seems that they have all become level18-20 legendary hybrids. Not only that, but the moves seem to perfectly counter everything I do. I pick a decrease speed - there’s a cleanse. I’ve sort of tested it when I thought I was fighting a bot, and it seems fishy. Once again, they are unbeatable and it’s frustrating as hell. I would rather get a “there is no opponent available message” than fight an unwinnable battle.

End Rant.


How do you know for sure your facing bots? I assume it’s a bot if they don’t show up under recent opponents. Not to mention that I LOVE fighting bots. I basically never lose to them. I wish I could choose to just play bots every time to get my incubators.


Pay attention to the name when you lose. If it isn’t gibberish, it’s a real player. In my journey dropping down, every purposeful loss was to players.


You hit it with the not showing up in the recent opponents. Seems if I beat one of their dinos the next one they send out is a level or two stronger - or in one case, the SAME DINO a level or two stronger…