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Elite Draft Box

People who have used the entire draft box can’t reset it. Additionally, the option to reset it at anytime should be available. You shouldn’t be forced to use all 40 drafts

  • If one of the items has a Free tag, you may instantly get a shot at a new prize
  • You can refresh the content of the Draft box if you have already won the prizes you wanted

It’s already been proven buying all 40 still doesn’t allow a reset
I say this for those that don’t know, and shouldn’t have to find out the hard way.


How do you even claim it anyway?

You get the rewards automatically


Please follow up on this

Hey TheDragonSlayer, some Draft Boxes cannot be reset. The Elite Draft Boxes cannot be reset, because you only get 1 copy of that elite dragon. However, we have passed along your feedback to our team.

Thank you!

Ned, how are we supposed to get the 3rd copy then? Will it be obtainable in the species quest that starts on Thursday? Or is there some other way of obtaining it?

I’ll see if I can get any info from our team to share, Zhyan.

Update: there will be more opportunities to obtain the dragon in the future. :slight_smile:



I copy and pasted your official statement from the most recent update in my original post. It says:

“* You can refresh the content of the Draft box if you have already won the prizes you wanted”

What else would they be talking about? There are no other drafts you can refresh or restart.

I tagged you Ned in another post clearly illustrating what is stated above. It’s even a picture of THIS EVENT. Get this fixed please.


Okay, great, thanks for letting us know :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, i read it wrong the first time XD and thought there were no more opportunities. Sorry, if that caused any confusion)

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@Ned, what about players who got 2 copies of Elite dragon from quest… was it supposed to be so?

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People are frustrated because some players already got all three copies while the rest are stuck with no information on when the last 3rd copy will be available…


@Ned has gone dark.

I think we need some clarity on what was indicated as part of the updated game version text regarding the ability to reset or restart the draft box vs the inability to currently be able to do so.

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Hey TheDragonSlayer, the information I currently have is that certain Draft Boxes cannot be reset, such as the Elite Dragon Draft boxes.

However, the feedback regarding this has been passed to our team for them to review.

Hey Military_Jane, I believe it’s only 1 copy for the quest. :thinking:

Our team can definitely take a closer look at this. However, our team will need the account information so they can investigate further.

what is the point if there is no last copy? so the event will come next year… who knows … some have received all the copies. So, there is always a mistake in the game

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Any updates on this?


this is ridic…

I already have two copies… why am I being forced to buy another 2 copies?!

I subscribe to the game…
I buy runes occasionally…

I used the runes that I bought on the elite draft box…
To get one copy of the dragon…

I would be nice to have some clarity on this…

Either allow the elite draft box to be reset or let us know how to just get one more of this elite dragon?

Isn’t it close to saying you need to pay 150 if you want the full version of this dragon?


It’s ridiculous that I’m forced to pay another 15,000 ruins when I’ve already spent 10,800 on draft box I’ve been asking for days how can I get 3rd copy & hear nothing till the post bundle packs I could have saved 5 to 6000 ruins if the would have told us right from the beginning how to get 2nd & 3rd copy after completing the event