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Elite dragon "events"

Hello Ludia,

So with new Elite dragon “events” we have:

  • 8 day event with 20 playable nodes
  • No benefit for FlightClub members
  • 2 other copies obtainable only by a roulette system

I mean, i’m not naive, you’re a company and want to make profit but turning events into 20 playable nodes and besides that no further playing required is absurd.

What about FlightClub?!
Have you forgot about the people that actualy pay every month?!

Give the players actualy a oportunity to play for it.


I agree, they should make the event replayable at least, that would make it a bit easier to level up the dragon with with duplicates


Is there a way to breed a 3rd copy (with 2copies), or how should we get a 3rd one?


I’ve only received one copy instead of two. Is it a glitch that people are getting two upon completion of the event, NOT including the draft raffle thing?

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You can get one doing missions, and one doing the new draft. They are not giving dragons away for nothing.
The question is how do you get the third one? And if the event repeats…

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I think elite is a code word for big blue whale dragon…


And there are different costs, too. Can I please get that 15k deal with 3x Elite?
I only have the 20k with 2x Elite, other have 15k for 1x Elite…

Thats not fair.

We also didnt need all the other stuff, wr only want that Elite dragon for a FAIR PRICE