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Elite dragons. What to expect?

When and how can we get duplicate elite dragons? Ludia, you act very unpredictably, because of this the players have to guess what will happen next and have to ask such questions.


I agree, this current system is very flawed. Some resources like gold for example, don’t have much use at all.

You can’t hatch dragons above 1* without spending gold, and you need it to level up between stars.

Yes, but I do not level up so often. Gold is most time on maximum level - and very much of the gold I won in battles gets lost because I cannot spent so much like I get it at the moment.
In hard contrast to fish… and eggs

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Yeah. I often don’t know what to do with the surplus of gold I get. I kinda wish that we have a sort of infinite side bank for the extra gold we get… But I suppose that would break the system?

But then again, it’s not like we buy things with the gold.

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  1. Yep, i assume there will be a new box in a few months

  2. The thing is, while I think the system is unbalanced, other players like me (who likes to upgrade dragond as often as i can) have issues with the lack of gold. Now imma say this, the system is unbalanced and the nerf for the quests wasnt needed (i mean i’m pretty sure you need more than 3 million fish to lvl up a 5* from 1 to 70).

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