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Elite “Teamwise” Alliance Recruiting

Teamwise is a top-tier alliance looking for qualified applicants Level 16 or higher who want to elevate their JWA experience. All members receive:

9/10 on Weekly Rewards

8/9 on Alliance Championships (Top100 last month)

Two Level 20 sanctuaries for maximum FIP rewards (dinos voted on weekly)

Having so many maxed members allows us to donate tough-to-acquire DNA more so than lower-tier alliances.

Teamwise has a Discord where members can access:

Every Cash Link Ludia posts :dollar:

Multiple Raid strategy charts :world_map:

Raid requests for every raid tier :t_rex:

Weekly Vote for Lvl20 sanctuary dinos :sauropod:

Achievement Advice/Requests :white_check_mark:

Helpful, knowledgeable teammates ready to help maximize your in-game experience.:muscle:

Alliance Requirements:

Join Teamwise Discord

Daily Active players only

10 tournament takedowns EVERY week

Have FUN!

If you would like to join leave a reply! :+1:

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