EliteFusions is recruiting!

Hello Everybody! My name is Bill and I’m a recruiter/Co-Leader for EliteFusions.

Before I get started, we don’t have a fancy, shmancy poster for recruiting, just the basics. What I can tell you though, is that we are a TOP 50 alliance for Alliance Championship regularly, we carry a few TOP 500 players in arena and we are looking for more!

We have some weak, loose ends on the backside of our ranks and we need YOU to fill those spots!

What we are looking for -

Dedicated battlers - 5500+ trophies and continuously improving

Tournament participation - We need players that can consistently collect 8-10k alliance points each Alliance Championship season.

Discord participation - We communicate solely on discord

What we can offer -

-A friendly, tight knit group environment

-9/10 Alliance mission rewards every week (10/10 on a good week)

-3 level 20 sanctuaries (We are part of the ARK/Blue coop)

-Tier 8 Alliance Championship rewards every month (We need YOU for Tier 9!)

-Proven strategy and plenty of help for every weekly raid

-Team building discussion and help with a few of JWAs top battlers!

If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me ASAP in discord TraditionalBill #0582 so we can get you on board. Screenshots of our rank in Alliance Championship this month is to follow as well as our top ranked players.

Please consider EliteFusions! We’re waiting to hear from you!Screenshot_20201101-084613_JW Alive Screenshot_20201101-084548_JW Alive

Hey welcome to the forums! I am in a good clan myself, but this is very nice.