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Elizabeth Baker's incorrect pronouns

I did the first date with Elizabeth and noticed how not all her pronouns have been correctly changed, so a couple of time, it referred to her as he, and she is also referred to her as handsome when it should have been changed to beautiful. This is obviously because her counterpart was a male, and this transition to a female character has been rushed. Please fix this!

You’ve never heard “handsome woman”?

But yeah…it should be changed…but if it makes you feel better vitoria is still accidentally refered to as “he” still.


I have heard “handsome woman”, but it’s a rarity!

And it’s weird you say that Vitoria is still accidentally referred to as “he” because I’ve never notice Sage be referred to as a “he”

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Since they’ve been messing up pronouns, I wouldn’t be surprised if calling Elizabeth “handsome” was also a character conversion error. BUT because that description was more common in Georgian England when Elizabeth is from, I think they actually kind of get away with it. :sweat_smile:

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Is Elizabeth the time traveller counterpart?

I’ve only seen Vitoria referred to as ‘he’ once and just assumed it was a typo.

It seems to me that if they are going to have male/female counterparts that they should insert something in the coding that sets the correct pronoun, in much the same way they can insert the MCs chosen name into dialogue.

I have no idea how you’d go about doing something like that or if it’s a big change to make though.


Yes, Elizabeth is the time traveller’s counterpart. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I don’t believe it’s to do with the game’s coding — it’s just an oversight on the writers’ part.

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Hey, everyone, thanks so much for reporting the misgendering! :scream:
It would really help us out to know exactly where to look in the scripts so we’d appreciate it if you could take a screenshot of the relevant text and send it to our team at

I have not seen Elizabeth yet. Is she new or someone i just haven’t seen yet?

She’s a "new" character. She’s a new counterpart for Nicholas Adley, a previously released character.