Elridominus is so weak in this meta lo


Is like seriously he need 200 dna of elrikosaurus per fusion, one of the most rares epics+ indominus, and at lvl 21 he have 2300 life, like a raptor, even his ingredient indominus is better having more dmg whit armor piercing attacks and way more life.
Perhaps in past meta he was good and deserved a nerf, but in this meta where everybody is fast and have nulifiyng attacks(hello monomimus a simply legendary epic+common who look like a op unique and others hello tanycolagreus, magnapyritor, monostegotops etc etc) is pure trash, is like why someone want this dino? He dobt have life, dont have speed, dont have armor piercing doing pathetic dmg even after cloak to a stegodeus for example, i get oneshoted by 1 skill if dont dodge xd, they removed in the past like 500,600 life and armor piercing impact and gave him nothing, they must revert that changes if ludia dont want this unique nobody cares about him.
I really like how cool is the dino, but even a lvl 18 monomimua is much stronger and versatile xd


That’s really unfortunate. I will still try to fuse for it since I am trying to collect them all. I’ve yet to come across one in pvp


I actually have trouble fighting Erlidominus at the higher ranks. Rampage, cloak, rampage. It can be a nightmare. Or when i think I’ll just bring in my v-raptor to finish it off, it kills my dino with a speed up strike and is faster than me before i can make that move. It’s good if used the right way.


I finally got mine, after a long long wait. One of my favorite dino. Is weak yes, but I still use it.

Cause it’s fun!!! :grinning:


Seems like it would fit this “swap in” meta pretty well… I dont have mine yet, and there are 3 or 4 dinos I want more, so working on those instead.


Actually erlidominus doesnt have a problem with faster nullified dino since it slower just use speed up strike then rampage and its gone(except monomimus which have evasive stance). She is strong vs anything with no armor


But i agree with that. With it moveset right now it just looks like normal erlikosaurus with cloak. Maybe upgrade to rampage or impact and run at least


because it got high speed, high damage, cloak x2 damage, and the important is got immunity, that why it got lower hp to exchange that all. I-rex higher hp, because it got low speed and the damage also is lower. Elrido can play without cloak, but i-rex mostly cannot do it, that is the difference.


Ok but compare elridominus to monomimus, a simply legendary whit one of thecommons epics+a common, mono have inmunity too, 129 speed(elridominus only 125), more life(a lvl 21 elridominus have 2,3k life and a lvl19 monomimus have 3k+ life) and much better kit and a 3 turn evasive too, or indoraptor a easiest unique to create cause you only need t rex dna and grind at night raptors, indo have breaking shield skill, more life, more speed, more dodges and more utility.
Elridominus need 50 i rex dna and 200 elridokaurus dna, and a lvl 20 elrkosaurus, thats a insane amount of dna, i see 1, 2 elrikosaurus in a week whit luck and live and work in his zone, and you need average 2 elrikosaurus encounter to make 1 fuse.
125 speed is slow in top arenas where everybody have indoraptors, magnapirytor, tanycolagreus, monomimus, utharinex, dilonancheirus and etc etc, elridominus need or more speed and life or a shatering move rampage or swap in something (like swap in cloak or something what make him unique) atm i think elridominus is like an average legendary not a powerfull unique how is supposed to must be.


3 out of 6 dino you given are almost guaranteed win for erlidominus, another 3 are 50/50. This unique is not bad against non-armored dinos but yeah this dino need some love. As damage dealer UNIQUE dino 2 1x move is just pathetic imo.


Perhaps elridominus win whit luck, but the other dinos are more usefull in arena, yesterday i got oneshoted by a utharinex distracting rampage skill


Agreed, this dino is just speedster killer other than that its nothing


I think its higher lvl utahrinex then no way that thing can 1 shot erlido with rampage except higher lvl or crit


I agree with you he should have impact or rampage and run


Was lvl 24 utharinex vs lvl 21 elridominus, not a lot lvl diference for being oneshoted whit 1 skill, but itharinex do insane dmg +instant charge dmg and more speed, more life, a he reduce 50% dmg 2 turn.
The proof is only a few on top 50 guys is using elridominus and everybody have utharinex and indoraptor


don’t forget cloak is better than evasion skill. it make Elri to deal huge damage for enemy. And monomimus is used to counter cloak and evasion(nullifying impact skill), you cannot use this 2 dino to fight together and compare which strong, just like velo win pyro because of the speed faster. If you use them to fight other dino, you will can see Elri can do more damage than Mono. And you list the example fast speed dino got 3 is counter it with nullifying impact skill. I don’t think you want see a 129++ speed with cloak damage to crush everyone, then use the strike and run, after that come into next turn to do same move to kill other dino in every match. Now you know why it cannot high speed? May be it can increase some hp for it and get the impact and run skill(not strike and run), but increase on speed is not good. And also cloak + shatering armo is too strong also( Ludia got tested on indoraptor before and change it ald).