Email campaign to force Ludia to update fusion system

If we get enough people to email them perhaps they will get the message that the players are sick and tired of the antiquated fusion system! Several changes are needed!

NO MORE 10 fusions! When all we were fusing were rare and epic they were acceptable over a freakin year ago.

They need to up the minimum depending on the rarity.

Example a legendary should be 30 minimum and unique 40.

If they insist on keeping the 10 than you should only get it 1 out of 5 fusion not 5 in a row ( that is total BS)

We also need a way to do multiple fusions at once!

Cmon when you are attempting to get 5000 do we have to spend 2 days to do it?


Something needs to be done lol agreed

Agreed something needs to change…

I almost feel it should be based not only on the tier being fused but also the overall amount of dna being fused…

To spend 550-1000 dna from 2 creatures to only get a measly 10 dna… something sure seems to be broken… or I just have terrible luck when it comes to fusing… (this is also irritating when you only get 10 indoraptor dna on a fuse…)

Some you win, some you lose … my Utarinex is on a go slow, my Diloracheirus has fast tracked … it is what it is … can’t say it’s my biggest frustration with the game


Absolutely agree

I spent whole day and night and gas to hunt some epic dino and guess what

I got five 10 fusion in a row! Very frustrated and it happens too often


They do it to force people to spend money.


They actully won’t change the fusion system so emailing won’t help at all.


I actually played many hours today while my wife drove several hundred miles.
Collected lots of DNA.
Got good DNA.
Wasn’t able to level up anything, lots of 10 fuses.
Just spent over an hour fusing.
I seriously love this game, but the amount of time wasted doing literally nothing is overwhelming.
Waiting for the Ludia cheerleaders to say they average 50 on a fuse, and have no problem leveling up creatures.


sorry bro… i leveled 2 dinos today to level 24. got the feels for you.

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Or ways to collect dna faster without spending money would be nice.
Maybe someday when they create a new tier of dinosaurs

Uniques require less DNA to level, thats the trade. It is fairly balanced in the way. If the up the min fuse theyll just up the DNA requirements…

The first two pops I did on utarinex today were 10s the third was a 50. Luck is up and down but I’d love a higher minimum then 10

If the min fuse was increased all that would happen is the number of required fuses would increase. Som you win, some you don’t.

Yesterday my spine was averaging 30 whereas my thora has had nothing but 10’s, annoying, yes, worth moaning about, no.

It’s a case of being patient and working for you want rather than wanting it on a platter! Next thing that’ll be asked is why fuse at all…

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Just make it so you cant get 10 6times in a row… dont mind the odd 10 but not that…

If the minimum on unquies and such were 30 and 40 it would all be too easy. They could change the algorithm to where you still get the 22 average by having a 20 minimum and you get a 30 once every blue moon.

What you are suggesting makes it all too easy. If you simply do not want to get in your feels about getting a 10 that’s one thing. To ask for massively easier to obtain dinos to be easy to get and level is totally different.


…or, we could quit playing.
Which is what has been happening.
It’s a turning point, the game has evolved where the developers need to address issues with solutions or let the game die. Me, I love playing and don’t want it to die. But I honestly don’t see me continuing to waste time monotonously pushing a button and calling it game play.

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Once again today I got six times of 10 in a row !!! Arghhhh

How about have the VIP give a minimum of 20?
Or maybe a deluxe VIP that you pay a little more and it gives a minimum of 20?
Or a button that says, do you want to pay 10 cash to guarantee at least a minimum of 20?

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Yeah 10’s is so annoying! I am up for this only if they don’t up the DNA requirement. Knowing Ludia they will be sneaky and do something unpopular with it.

hmmm… take a guess on my first 2 fuses for diloranosaurus a week ago and 3 weeks ago? lol