Email campaign to force Ludia to update fusion system

Things that come too easy have little value while if you make it too difficult and long and the end result is crappy than it is a waste. It’s good that getting somewhere is a challenge and not that easiest to obtain. This way when you get there you have that excitement and feeling of achievement. The journey is more important than the end goal and games like this need to always have something to work at and goals to obtain. It’s part of our human nature to get there and if there is no where else to go, what else is there to do?.. but go to the next game.

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Thing is that for fusions you need loads of DNA and the epics and even some of the commons and rares are especially hard to come by! I pay for incubators, I go out hunting (only been playing for 3 weeks now)…my highest level dino is 18 and that’s obviously with loads of bought DNA but my lowest level is a lvl 3 common…so clearly not all commons are common to me in fact I’ve found more of a specific type of epic than I have of some commons.

The fusion system does suck and has to go though…but I doubt they’ll change it, I think that the fusion system is just there to tease to try to get us to buy incubators for the DNA we need…so it’s just part of their ploy to milk us, at least that’s my opinion.

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I agree that 30 or 40 is too high for a minimum but there really is nothing more frustrating than a string of 10s especially when they’ve made the DNA for some of the most sought after hybrids really hard to find; Ive only encountered 1 Dilo Gen 2 since the update and have been hunting parks for them. Arent they suppose to be “common”?!

But I digress…I wouldnt mind seeing a fusion system that is actually random…not weighted to give you 10s…and just have a random selection between 10 and 50. No more giant fuses but only a 20% chance at a 10.