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Emoji abusers take a pause

Anyone spamming emojis when I battle them, I screenshot their profile and put them in a folder. I review those screenshots when I’m considering blind recruits.
That’s 4 players that I have rejected for unnecessary emoji spamming already.
The mantra of our alliance is ‘it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice’.

When I’m hammering battles on two devices simultaneously, I make some mistakes. But 10/10 in missions is worth it to me.
While that’s going on, I’m populating an interesting player embargo list.
Keep up the good work!


This is brilliant!

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I spam the boring emoji only when I find a 143+ speed thor


I spam the yawn emoji when someone is very predictable. I also spam it when someone uses crutchasaurs (e.g. Proceratomimus and Dracoceratops)


Can ypu show the names to also be aware?

Do they also say “Well played” at the beginning / mid game when they bring some hyperboosted beast?

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I hope I’m not on that list. However, I never spam the emotes, except when it’s deserving. :see_no_evil: :laughing:


No naming and shaming on the forums.


Oh ok Isabelle, if that is the rules.

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No spamming from my account. Unless you consider the victory emotion after defeating OP or overboosted dino’s or the yawning emoticon after you swap them in as spamming. In that case I should definitely be on your list. It is not aimed at you as a person it is just a response to the dinos my opponent uses and boosts.

I always spam them :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:, i always use crying emoji whem they crit or go through dogde​:sob:


I’ve disabled this from the first game so bad players can spam whatever they want, I won’t see them.

I never understood what it could bring to the game.


I normally don’t, but if I’m against prorats, a mega boosted crutch, and/or nitro thors I hand out yawns like candy from beginning to end.

I like them to know their absence of skill is noted and the match is indeed boring.

But when I see dinos I normally don’t see a lot I’ll throw out a nice and if there were no crutches involved I’ll put out a Well Played & GL


Still waiting for a message stating “cheap” for those 135 or above speed thor users.

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Haha this guy gets it. I :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: every time I see Draco.

As for OP’s “making a list, checkin it twice” routine, I laugh at your petty dedication to soothe those hurt fee fees.

Regarding emotes in general… there is room for one more text emote. I have no idea what it could be though. Since the messages pretty much cover all the bases. Maybe a “WOW” or “Lucky”


I’d like a surprised emote. There are times when i get the lucky 5% crit or i do something that shouldn’t have worked but did. i feel the thumbs up emote isn’t the right one in those situations.


I’ve only spammed once really in the regular arena (when I friendly battle my friends it’s fun to do), that was today when I found a 145 Thor and my gorgo chomped it.

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I’d like a “WOW” too, so many times I’ve settled for “Nice” when something cool or unlikely happens.

Also, to all you who spam the bored emote every time someone uses a “crutchasaurus” like Procerathomimus, some of us don’t have a full roster of powerhouse uniques and have to pull from the B team. I’ve used my Procera for over a year now, I put a lot of resources into it, I’m not gonna switch it out because other players arbitrarily decide using it makes me a bad player and worthy of mockery or scorn. It’s not that strong, it’s situational, it’s not nearly helpful enough when I’m up against boosted dinos 3-4 levels higher anyway.


I just put gamma L29 unboosted in on my team. I sent it out when the match was 2-2 vs a lvl 30 erlidom boosted without rampage up. he used the strike and run and he ran into a L30 thor with 5.9k hp. Used precise pounce --> rampage & run (btw this is at 5600) and I killed his Thor in 2 shots. The guy sent the yawn even because I used a dino I wanted to try out unboosted, not a crutch on my team. Now that type of yawn is the worst yawn…


lol when you can’t win a fair battle all you can do is yawn. that’s hilarious