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Emoji abusers take a pause

I’d love a wow or suprised emote. I’ve let my kids battle on my account, who have just discovered the emote buttons. Soo, now I need to turn it off just to prevent them from being obnoxious.

They could use different emoji’s and we select which ones we want to have available during battle.

Add new emoji’s like this:
“Gotcha” or “Check Mate” or “BAM!” or “Boo Ya!”

I would use a ‘sorry’ when I get a lucky crit. Sure!
I use crying emoji when I run into an unexpected counter/crit.
I use a ‘well played’ a lot.
I use ‘angry’ emoji when I get an unexpected crit, or swap in.
Bored emoji users are usually getting kicked. I don’t run Draco or murder chicken. FTP players use bored emojis. I won’t pretend to be FTP. I’m not a good enough battler to be FTP.

Interestingly, FTP usually use Draco/chicken. I would too in that situation. It’s because they are situational or strong.

I just don’t like the company of smug winners or poor losers. I have the choice, so why not?

I finally switched them off. There have been a handful of times when I wanted to say Well Played, but in general they were just a distraction.

Rly they only come in handy by giving the whales what they deserve

I spam yawn when I meet a whale, but if someone shoots me a well played or good luck, I say thanks

Yeah when my Smaxima crits 3 times in a row, I’d like to say sorry too. Been critted on by a Thor 5 times in a row once.

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if you have 2 profiles , yo must be baned. :slight_smile:

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spams :sleeping: emoji

How can you tell when a player doesn’t pay to play versus one who pays to win? Certainly not by the emojis they use! Paying players are just as likely to be rude, maybe even more so.

Your statement just seems a bit condescending to me. I am a paying player, FWIW.

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Another annoying one is when its 2-2 and they put on something you have zero chance against and go “Good Luck” - I love it when they miscalculate and I can send them the thumbs up!


I wish there was an LOL
I’ve had a team so overpowering that it took phenomenal RNG for the opponent to pull off a win. There’s “Well Played” as a fall back, but a well played and a LOL would be more fitting.
Sometimes the RNG is so off the wall it needs an LOL emote
There’s just some really funny matches and no way to express it

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I would like to use the LOL emoji when people pull off this pro gamer move.


you can just disable it.
I don’t.
I want to see how people waste their time spamming the yawn button when:

  1. I easily win.
  2. They easily win me.

If they are mad losing a P2W game… the problem is theirs.
If they think they are superior when easy win, yawning at me… it’s still their problem.

With boosts creating all sorts of imbalance in arena, it’s no wonder players are more easily frustrated by over boosted dinos. using emoticons the wrong way just adds fuel to the fire, although the starting intention was good. i.e to let players comm during battles. The execution can be improved.

Oh man if I was a paying player, I would use the angry emote every round Non-Stop with what ludia is putting us through

I am cringing so hard at those pictures because I have messed up Mutual Fury on multiple occasions. :confounded: I usually send an OOPS emote afterward


My wife calls it the “Go ahead and kill me” or “Suicide” button.
I’ve tried to explain to her how it works and I get a blank stare, a pause, followed by “Well that’s stupid. It’ should do something when I use it.”


Right?! It’s supposed to take back control of the battle if your going down, but usually it ends up blowing up in my face

Litterally had this a few seconds ago.
Pretty sad to see the opponent try to predict an Instant charge only to recieve a 5K dmg DSR instead, but really funny for you (LOL B E G N U M B R S)

One time it happened that my opponent somehow gave my Utarinex mutual fury the turn before, and got smacked by an IC that killed the indo G2.