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Emote blocking (?)

So when someone turns off PVP emotes, does the other player see that? Or do they continue to spam emotes into the void and believe they are still trolling? I’ve never turned mine off, as I like to see what players are good sports.

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pretty sure its option 2, they think they’re trolling someone but are just throwing toxicity or sometimes good sportsmanship like well played into the void if the other player has emotes turned off


Believe turning them off just prevents you from seeing them but your opponent can still spam them if they have emotes enabled


They can still send them but you never see them. If you don’t like them, its best to turn them off.


Mine are off and I never see anything.


Then the off button works well lol


I often wonder if my use of the emotes comes across as trolling, if only because like most other forms of text there’s no tone. How many times does my “Thumbs up” get taken as sarcasm? Or the sadface, for that matter, when I realize the critical hit I delivered was just mean to whatever poor critter was on the receiving end.

At least “Well Played” is difficult to take the wrong way. I wouldn’t mind an explicit “Good job!” and “Sorry!” in addition to the “Nice” and the crying emotes we already have, though I can foresee those being taken as sarcastic by those expecting them to be.


Its kinda sad that a little ribbing in the form of emotes actually triggers ppl to hurt feelings. I mean, its a game and pvp is horrendous…emotes are a good way to just laugh it all off.

I think a lot of it has to do with the anonymity and thus the lack of certainty behind it. Not everyone takes teasing well - I don’t much either, personally - but there are those of us for whom its worse because without the visual cues or tones for context, we might take taunting as if it was given in its worst possible form. Without an outlet for a response, I can understand how that gets frustrating. The emotes don’t bother me much after the match is over (although it probably helps that I don’t care one iota about trophies won or lost, it’s more about the time spent), but it’s definitely something I could see bothering others. The ability to turn emotes off is definitely a good thing there.

It can get very annoying to be in a match where you not only are wasting your time battling a team way out of your league, but also that same team belonging to someone who taunts the entire match like a spoiled child or gloating troll.

At the end of the day, the match ends and hopefully you don’t encounter them again, but it’s also nice to know that you are being taunted by a player who isn’t good enough to not have to smash on lesser teams to get by.

Thats what the yawn emote is for…overmatched battles are boring

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True. Playing Devil’s Advocate, though, using the yawn emote is also a bit of an instigator, especially if the overmatched battle is no fault of the opposing player.