Emote strike

Can I just say that new emote is cool

But to earn you have to fight this team

Try to beat the event as you can


Lol u being lvl 13 with those lvls makes me feel bad, im lvl 15 and have worse dinos

Resilients: My time has come

Lvl 19 bumpy go brrrrr

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Mines is 20

Y everyone lvling bumpy imao

I beat it with DC (17 no boosts) Raptor (15 1 speed boost) Tyranolophosaur (no boost 17) and Ankylosaurus (lvl 11 no boost)

By raptor i mean velociraptor

Idk were to put this. Lol

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Niceeeeee what were the rewards?

Another emote strike is out today and the team is different

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nice job taking down big common boi


Another emote strike is out today

Get past this raptor gang to unlock it


oh i like this one

this was pretty easy lol

used majungaboa woolly rhino and compy g1