Emote suggestion thread

What emote do you think should come?
I would like a spinosaurus , pteranodon and scorpius rex emote

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scorpius trio and para lux!

What about a skoona emote? Or possibly a tupandactylus one?

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We need a Dimodactylus emote!
Speaking of which Happy Cake day my friend @Dimodactylus :cake: :partying_face:


Thanks! 2 whole years on the forums already. Oh how time flies!


happy cake day :gift::partying_face:

@Snake_Dude what was the one emote idea you drew? Like the Tryo with the jaw dropping?

I have draw a Jaw dropping Tryostronyx and a Healing Parasaurolophus lux but idk where they’re now… I’ll find them back later

Happy Cake Day Dimo!:partying_face::cake:

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I thought of a eye covering pterosaur emote but wasn’t sure what pterosaur it should have

My ideas are a angry looking scorpius, a annoyed dimetrodon and a bored triceratops emote

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This one?

Would be an honor if my emote idea is included, and I’d personally like a spino, roaring rex(like from the movies, rex break out or killing the carno scene roars) and trike


Happy cake day 2 @Dimodactylus :cake:

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Happy Cake Day!

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Ooh yes
10 char

Happy Cake Day @Dimodactylus!

A triceratops that blows smoke out of its nose like the rhinos in the game

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It seems like you traced my art…


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It does look copied, or it could just be a massive coincidence

I think we need a “heal” emote. Maybe a para lux with the healing icon? Acts like the Bumpy eyes. Shows for a second, disappears, comes back