Emotes can be annoying, so could we have a few more that would make the game nicer (Like GG)?

Hi there!

I know how annoying emotes can be, especially the ones that are used in ways to demean others (I personally think this is poor sportsmanship - I like to think that all alliances regardless of competition could be complimentary and kind to one another).

Thankfully there are a few emotes that are cute and sweet that help combat the negative emotes, but I feel there are not enough.

I like to use the cute ones - to congratulate a winner (clapping bear, brachi with hearts, a hearty well-played, etc), but the only text emote that is truly on the more positive end of the spectrum is “well player” but even that can be abused or misunderstood as some people use that in a sarcastic fashion (usually not, but can be).

I think at this point there is enough negativity in the world, and the more we can fight this with kindness and good sportsmanship the better.

I would really love to see a GG emote for when battles are done, and maybe a few other positive text emotes as well. And more cute, nice emotes to promote complements would be amazing. The GG would be most welcome, though. I feel it’s needed.

I do really like the emotes when used positively - I like to promote good attitudes, healthy competition, and most of all a sense of community. I hope others feel the same way :heart:

Thanks so much!


Totally agree some people are so blooming ignorant and just nasty had one kept on sending not nice emotes one after another there is no need felt saying out loud get f n off the game then people so up themselves they not got a clue on how to be nice and its becoming a problem


Yeah, I’d love to see more of such emotes in the game, maybe even a GG or “well done” one for raids.


Or even better get rid of bad emotes that way people cant give out bad emotes leave choice of either giving positive or no emotes maybe add good vibe texts like good challenge or good game all in all Any game on any platforms is to promote good well being and to give another gamer good positive vibe world we live in has so much hatred ill feelings that the mental health services even suggested to do things that makes you being you from gaming to therapeutic colouring games should not have such emotes incorporated as it promotes ill feelings am just honest highly doubt if Ludia would take this and make changes for the better


Maybe even an option to view or not to view certain emotes in battle, so even if your opponent sends one of these, you won’t be able to see it


we need more emotes like : dilophosaurus with green heart and sth like this . but instead , ludia gave us that brown object emote ( that i can’t name it cause danger of being flagged ) . really y them exist ?


I disabled emotes because of how annoying they are. If there were more emotes promoting good sportsmanship, I would consider re-enabling them, especially since they (silently) stopped letting people know when their opponent has disabled the emotes.


As much as I’d love more positive emotes, it probably won’t change the amount of times a laugh emote spammer sweeps me with a max level Thor. It happens so much to the point where I have a mindset of “they’re the ones with with a lvl 30 max boosted unique and still stuck in aviary, who’s really the one losing here”.


I just start every battle with a Good Luck, and in the end I finish with Good Luck and Well Played